March 13, 2017

Zumba Fitness X Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia

Hello, Assalamualaikum, happy monday, yaw!

HAHAHAHA now is my revenge time to update lotsaaaaa pending post especially events from last year. Still not updated until now but fret not, most of it I already spread via INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK PAGE. You guys can always feel free to follow up with my social media account and hey, let's be friend :)

Well, well, well this year I try to cut down some le fats and I gotta say, why don't I just having fun sweating but also feelin' so trim and neat at same time? Yeap, you guess it right! 

I was super thrill to go for Fun zumba with fellow benebabes because Zumba is one of the many amazing ideas to help burn those fats. I know that since I'm working and whatever, I didn't keep an eye towards my health and of course, my weight too. I feel incredibly lazy (like usual LOL) to do any physical activity, but hey I did jalan a lot during my work time and also my workplace is located at level 3, and the lift available is so damn slow, so what's other alternative need to do other than taking stairs T.T

That's why I feel very much alive and happy, all thanks to Zumba by Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia. Well, in my case, I'm very excited to be part of Zumba benebabes because I know Benefit Cosmetics is one hell of amazing makeup that specialize in shaping perfect brows and also very professional when it comes to reducing pores appearance, The POREfessional primer.

Current body look now. I really need to shape up, man T.T Oh yeap, I just love GAL-ifornia Sleeveless baby T since it's really lightweight and sweat absorb easily. Actually I didn't expect the baby T that the organizer gonna give is sleeveless type, Thank god I feel like I wanna bring my maroon sweater. Hey, combination of all colors looks perfectly match, so double score for that.

Feelin' silly with Benefit box X Galifornia gal too. My favorite peak of the event were,

I am deeply in love with the GAL-ifornia blusher, it's so cute! Oh, and also Benefit best seller would be the cheek and lip tint.

From bottom to top: Orange Cha Cha tint, Rose cheek tint and Posie tint. I thought at first the Rose cheek tint looks like a  normal 'syrup' drink LOL but it's not! the color gradually shine after apply several times. Posie tint is merely like fade, soft pink which I don't see why need to create this color because it's look quite dull and the color can easily remove too *sigh* but I love Orange Cha Cha so much! I think because I am huge sucker for any orange color. Well, that's conclude why I love the blusher so much. Ermm K 

Every participant will receive goodies worth more than RM350! Oh yeah, you gott love it :)

The events of sweatin' start from 11 and finished at 12.30. So far, I love this kind of activity because it makes me feel good and plus its all about women having fun and not feel that makeup is everything. I know makeup is everything to me (man, I can't live without makeup LOL) but Zumba fitness helps me to feel confidents and carefree at same time. Well, you're very lucky if you have very skinny body and have beautiful face. Not everyone have that package, though. 

But, yeah, whatever, I still love and enjoy my self to live life to fullest. I have everyone that I love besides me and they proud of me. So, thank you Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia for having me. I heard that they got another event coming up. Don't miss out peeps!


P/S: more upcoming entry and product review soon. Stay tuned!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)