March 10, 2017

HIWD X Stellavingze International

Hello, Hi, Assalamualaikum loves :)

I understand every women loves to feel appreciate by every people surrounds her, especially when it comes to appreciate their efforts, their time and sacrifice and of course, anything that will make them feel happy. So, I would like to express my deepest gratitude when Stellavingze International held an event that focus and emphasize women roles and presence in society nowadays at Melilea Tower, Bangsar South last Wednesday.

As an organization that helps women all around the world to achieve happiness, Stellavingze International held a celebration to gather all successful women who contributed to the nation's development. 

What's the role of women in our life?

Women are Mothers, Wives, Daughters, Sisters, Friends, Bosses and Leaders.

a) Women roles are so important that 3 different cultures talked about women's power
b) Tangan yang menghayun buaian mampu menggoncang dunia - The hand that rocks the       cradle shakes the world
c) Behind every successful man is a woman
d) 女人撐起半邊天 - Women holds half the sky

In modern world, women are always a step above men in leadership until we are given the trust to hold position to lead a country. For example; Taiwan, Croatia, Switzerland and Austria all have or used to have women as a leader. In United States Presidential Election last year, Hillary Clinton gives Donald Trump a hard time in winning the election.
This shows us that women are also capable in handling crisis and in decision making as well as the men thus bringing up the women status in the world. 

The purpose of this celebration is to encourage women to come out of their comfort zone, discover their potential and strive to help the nation to prosper in. 

Stellavingze has invited 4 VVIPs that are well known for their contributions towards Malaysia development and also towards the development of women. Therefore their sharing in this celebration is hoped to increase women's determination and inspire them to succeed. 

 They are:-

a) Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hajah Zaleha binti Ismail, Chairwoman of Yayasan Suara Wanita (YASNITA)
b) Datin Azizan Bt Hj Shariff, Chairwoman for Women and Family Development, Lembah Pantai Parliament
c) Datin Noor Faezah Binti Mohd Ashref, Vice President of Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang
d) Ms Wee Siew Ling, Managing Director of Stellavingze International

Tan Sri Datin Paduka Hajah Zaleha Ismail, said in her speech that women roles are important to build a strong foundation of a happy family that will bring up children capable of becoming Malaysia's most valuable asset, whereas Datin Azizan Bt Hj Shariff told us that a successful women  are country's most valuable asset and she encourages all women to empower themselves and gain more knowledge and skills in achieving their dreams. 

For Datin Noor Faezah, she feels that women are capable of handling multiple task at one time, they are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, leaders and influencers. She claimed that powerful women are able to be independent, support others, and motivate the least fortunate. Ms Wee Siew Ling who is both Managing Director of Stellavingze International and a mother told us that her biggest challenge to overcome is not having enough time. She needs to be wise in managing her family, career and find time for herself and very often, she sacrificed her time for herself, however, she believed that it is not possible to accomplish so many things in your life if you know how to divide your time. She quoted a formula of happiness created by Datuk Stella Chin; Women's Happiness= (+) Love , (-) Hate , (x) Gratitude , (÷) Gossip.

Since the event collaboration with Stellavingze International, at least you guys must know lil bit info about Datuk Stella Chin, an entrepreneur, who has lead her and her husband's company to explore global market. She has won multiple prestigious awards like Stevie Awards For Women In Business and The International Diamond Prize for Excellence Quality (ESQR). She is also a mother and a loving wife. 

 Objective of Stellavingze International is to educate women to find the balance in life and start a new and happy life, therefore the organization establish 2 programs as below:-

Stellavingze Smart Star

Ladies value improvement

To help women to manage:-

Self, Career, Marriage, Family, Children, Owns a Beautiful Balanced Life

90 Days Training Program Stellavingze Smart Star:

  • Image Class
  • Health and Beauty
  • Mind and Soul
  • Marriage Management
  • Children Interaction
  • Beautiful Balanced Life Formula
Upon completion of 90 Days Training Program Stellavingze Smart Star:
A celebration to celebrate the birth of Stellavingze Smart Star and happy ladies!

EducationDiploma / Bach. Degree
Experience2 years and above
Marital Status : Married/Single

Terms and conditions: 
Willing to improve and Must be a Stellavingze International member

Stellavingze Guiding Star

Women Entrepreneurship Program


Create wealth, achieve transformation and success
Build a strong foundation and strive towards a successful life
Transform your leadership, assist others to achieve success

Stellavingze Guiding Star:

We provide skill and business management trainings, presentation and image classes to build a strong business foundation
We provide business solutions that fits market demand
We provide business partnership with fuss free operations and human resource.

Training and Courses:

  • Business Image Class
  • Business Skill Training
  • MELILEA Exclusive Home Party Course
  • Professional Health and Beauty Training
  • Business Management Class
  • Leadership Quality Class


Education : Bach. Degree
Experience: Work experience in any corporate (at least 1 year)
Age: 25 - 60 

I learned so much with Stellavingze International and I hope that the motivational talk did gives some advices for you, yes you're the who reading this entry. Happy International Women day, again! 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)