March 12, 2017

The best of FOUR | 4 kinds of scar serum in the world

Hello, Assalamualaikum darlings :)

Yesss, finally my lil sissy nyek already arrived home, so I can use her lappy as long as I can and update many pending blogpost/upcoming events soon, OMG seriously I can't wait! Yeah, I kinda understand why I feel so happy tonight because this morning I attend Zumba fitness X Benefits Malaysia and all experience that I used to eat clean and exercise coming back in my mind. Well, gotta keep eating healthy after this, after all that's one of my new year resolution every year that NEVER managed to fulfill T.T

If you guys following me on INSTAGRAM, I recently, well nope, since last year I try my best venturing into makeup world and of course I improve myself from time to time until now. But, expect the worst when applying makeup because clogged pores and pimples will always be your bestfriend LOL but for me, appearance of pimples doesn't bother me much compared to 'jerawat batu' that appear and leave really bad scar, like longggg time need to wait and heal, WTF 

Hello me *wave wave* 

Personal problem, I admit I got scars on my chin and also lil bit on my cheeks. It's like, taking forever to heal and I do some research that besides eating and drink 8 glasses (or maybe more) a day can help reduce the appearance of acne scars, I also look up upon these!

FOUR | 4 KINDS OF SCAR CREAM/SERUM/GEL that labelled as the BEST in the world


OMG, I know about BIO OIL during my degree life because some of my friends used it. The product really became hot item during the first time release on drug store/pharmacy especially Watson. I never know BIO OIL can get on Online during back then LOL 
BIO OIL is a good product for reducing the scar appearance and stretch marks. Plus the good combination of Vitamin A and E, really helps skin to regenerate new cells. One of the ingredients, Pur Cellin Oil is like, the star of the BIO OIL is all about. If I'm not mistaken, BIO OIL have 2 type of bottle based on volume and it's actually quite pricey too. Well, good product sometime requires effort and time for betterment,aite?


However, if you like things to react more faster, more convenience and on top of it, and classy packaging (cute bottle much?) Opt with AZANIS SCAR SERUM! This serum, is no doubt the best one out of four scar serum I search so far on Internet. Yeay! Why I feel this is the best?

AZANIS SCAR SERUM helps to remove scar, old wounds, burns, stretch marks and list goes on! Formulated with Vita-Cocoa Booster Formula, it does have high concentration of anti-oxidant in Natural Vitamin E and cocoa butter. Yes! All goodness in 15 ML pack! Not only that, AZANIS SCAR SERUM is very famous domestically and internationally too. You name it, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and more. You can also get the product in major pharmacies and online, but guys please only use the original and be careful with fake scar serum. Why need to damaged more when you can prevent it, right?

Some of the main benefits of AZANIS SCAR SERUM are:

Achieving smoother skin, Visibly lighten the appearance of old and new scar, Deeply hydrate and soften scar tissues, Protect the skin and lastly prevent the regrowth of damaged tissues. Yes, no doubt this is the only Scar serum that you need baby :)


I heard about DERMATIX online and offline because this product also focus on reducing the appearance of immature scars, red burns and any dark scars. I don't normally experience with dark scars so that's why for me, DERMATIX looks kinda okay. But the item is in gel instead of serum/cream so I think, maybe that's the different about DERMATIX. Well, normally you need to apply only at the problem areas and wait for the result. It's vary on every body skin conditions, though. And yes, you can get it from any pharmacies too.


I heard about MEDERMA scar gel from my late daddy because he used to apply this on his affected area of the body. MEDERMA is also another scar gel/cream that helps to heal scars and formulated from USA. The packaging looks quite similar with DERMATIX apart of different lids, don't you think?
Since my dad a big fan of any traditional and trusted brand, so no doubt MEDERMA win his heart but well, not so much for me since I never try MEDERMA scar gel before. IDK whether it's okay or not, plus I am a person that loves sweet and nice smell. If its too herbal-ly or the product have strong medicated scent, I'm not gonna use it especially on my face. But, I sense that maybe MEDERMA suit with old people, IDK why LOL 

So far, These 4 convince me the most based on experience, reviews from friends and based on testimonies I read from other blogs too. Which one do you think is the best? Share some thoughts please!

Lot of love,
Miss A :)