March 10, 2017

Benang Hijau Warehouse Sale ♥

 Hello, Assalamualaikum loves!

Okay, I’m in blogging mode now since I conquer le office PC today *clap clap* and plus all of my bosses are having fun time not coming to office because is Friday! Yes, TGIF right? But not for me since I’m working half day during weekend and it’s suck. LOL


Four letter that entice every women instinct. SALE=SHOPPING ♥ Love shopping? And you love sale? You definitely gonna love my visit on last Sunday to Benang Hijau Crazy Warehouse!

OMG, I still remember that day, when I had to spend like 1 hour crazily finding and searching the BH Warehouse but all paid off when I saw ‘SALE’ ads. And yeah, of course with the place T.T I would like to thank my sissy nyek to accompany me that day and hey! I managed to grab some of their old and new collections too. First Benang Hijau Warehouse Crazy Sale located in Bangi and the list tours goes on  ♥

If you happens to follow my social media accounts, especially INSTAGRAM, Benang Hijau next tour will be at Johor Bahru.  All the prices are really blown me away and yes, you will go crazy like I did during shopping at Bangi Benang Hijau Warehouse.

Parallel with the tagline, ‘Inspirasi Wanita Anggun’, BH collections focus on producing beautiful stuffs such as Abaya, Dresses, Blouses, and of course, the scarves! Some of the scarfs are real nice to grab and if you don’t wanna buy for yourself, maybe you can give to your loves one. I bet they will feel happy and appreciate your kind gestures since they are your favorite people and you think about them. Auwww :')

What’s makes Benang Hijau Crazy Warehouse so awesome? All the item displayed are like having 80% DISCOUNT OFF and not to mention, THE FIRST 50 PEOPLE who came will get special treats of ‘Buy 1 Free 1’. Oh, what’s more:-

a) LUCKY DRAW for any purchases more than RM150
b) Cute mini calendar stamped ‘BENANG HIJAU’ for any purchases more than RM150
c) Bouncy Castle attack! (This section is available for young kids and maybe for people to have fun while waiting their loves one shops till drop!)
d) All of the materials especially Abayas are super nice, comfortable and fit for every body size since the sizes available from XS-XXXL
e)  Debit card & credit card accepted! (OMG, this is superrrr bonus for me because I love swiping cards rather than bringing lots of cash in my handbag. Score!)

You can watch lil sneak peek of my shopping time on my INSTAGRAM. So happening when looking all those stuffs! Yeay for me and sissy nyek ♥ 

This one is major love! So hauntedly beautiful, and the colors scheme so peaceful.Check out the price, Major jaw drop much! 

Most of the scarves are vibrant and fun, plus it match with my never-feel-old age. I rarely wear scarves that are made with Chiffon material, but I think I’m gonna change that when wearing BH collection. I also donning one of latest Lily Printed shawl (I think this is really cute with sparrow pattern and feels really innocent at same time)

So, for Johoreans peeps, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE gather all your freakin’ money and invites all of your friends, family to enjoy and celebrate Benang Hijau crazy Warehouse sale this weekend! May the force of shop be with you. Happy shopping, yes you’re very welcome!

For more information, regarding with Benang Hijau Warehouse Sale, Click links below:-



Lots of love,
Miss A :)