July 2, 2016

Cutie mini mini cafe X ZOMATO

Assalamualaikum, hello people!

Revenge is damn sweet and I'm not talking from negative perspective though, I'm talking about timeeeee. Yes, this weekend I wanna update all my pending posts. I hope everyone happy and not feeling so nausea about it -.- this is considered as Qada' post LOL

Remember when I'm talking about ZOMATO Apps? So, I would like to say that my first meet and greet with sis Hafiezah through email is success! She email-ed me and mention that their company are looking numerous candidates for foodies blogger and I've been chosen as one too! Our first encounters at this amazing and very cute cafe. It's so cute and have all these anime vibes! Check it out.

The place located at highest level, near with GSC movie in Mid Valley. Boy, I gotta say it's been decade I haven't step at this shopping mall since I studied in Nilai. When I was in Nilai, Mid Valley is totally my jam to hang with my ex-bf but now I currently do my internship in Gombak and do degrees 4 years in Gombak, so Mid Valley is not my choice to go anymore LOL but this place really change a lot and have more facilities and new brand shops compared to previous time. Am I getting older or what?!

I'm totally in love with this cafe surrounding. It's really calming and full with toys. Not to mention the decorations are totally in different level of cuteness! 

Since this is my first time went to Mini Mini Cafe, that day the cafe is not so busy with people and that's how I managed to capture some beauty interior decor for the cafe. It' is quite shameful if you keep taking piccas like you are 'jakun' or something but I really am 'jakun' when I go to the cafe. This cafe can be look upon ZOMATO Apps. Try and download it!

Wanna see the menus?

This cafe serves various food range from Malay and western, but since I'm only go for meeting, sis Hafiezah treat me with some delicious desserts that happens to be one of top seller dessert in Mini Mini cafe!

I love this home made Ice lemon tea. It's very refreshing and it's really good. But the most sexiest food is next!

Yes, you are allowed to lick your lappy screen now LOL I don't remember this dish name because the meeting happen like 3 months ago. Yes, I do have bad memories remembering dates and also people names. Pity isn't it T.T 

During the meeting, sis Hafiezah mention about ZOMATO Apps and why it brings lotsaa goodness compared to others food sites. You guys can check my entry HERE to read about ZOMATO Apps. I'm in love with ZOMATO Apps too because even it is still new on market,the brand did receive some recognition from oversea especially in India, Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam (if i'm not mistaken) 

This is madness! I love this one too but it's not mine. During that time, sis Hafiezah and me also meet with two of her friends which is sis Ika and sis Eira. Both are really nice people and I'm glad I didn't have to go that awkward conversation with them because I can be awkward af sometimes dealing with new people. LOL

Another beauty shot from Mini Mini Cafe :)

Fret not, this cafe is total HALAL foods and edible for muslims. Well, it did serve malays food so of course they aware with our norms that we can't eat pork :3 

I did received two notebook from ZOMATO and I'm really happy meeting with them. Sorry I don't provide the pictures because all the photos gone crash when I transfer into the lappy. I managed to save only lil piccas damn it T.T but it's okay, the photos is ugly anyway, double LOL

To find out more about ZOMATO, go and download it on App store and also Google Play. worth to try and it is FREE!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)