July 6, 2016

Eid Mubarak 2016

Assalamualaikum, hello people!

I know, 6th July 2016 is Eid day! Al-Hamdulillah, it is really great experience to get through another one year of blessing Ramadhan and In shaa ALLAH, more to come. I really hope I'm becoming more and better person. Yeah, eventually people need to grow and become matured for their own sake. Previously I kept on going doing stupid things, so I wanna change all that. I wanna be a better person for this year. Well, kinda half of the year LOL

This year, our family eid theme is Emerald Green! I love this kind of color because face it, it's quite dark and it will totally give instant slim figure to anyone bodies despite you are slim or really cute chubby munchkin. In this case, I fall on the second category. And kinda hate that but yeah, whatever. Life goes on. It's not like I'm gonna die and feel sad anyway having this kind of body type. ENJOY people! Let's eat nasi impit, kuah kacang, lontong, lemang and etc!

Shameless selfie in Eid morning since this spot really have an amazing lighting  Happy eid mubarak 2016 babydolls! So, wanna see some deets for my Eid outfit this year?

Thanks to my sis nyenyenyek, I got my perfect selfie to upload on my IG after 7338012621932 pics taken LOL *what da hell is goin' on with my mouth??* scratch this pic, go to my INSTAGRAM for better selfie me T.T Actually, I don't feel like I wanna do OOTD kind of pic because I'm blinded with amount of Eid money I got this year. Al-Hamdulillah, it is total massive! Almost reaching RM1K! yes, RM1K for 24, loser intern student double LOL *dramatic tears*

So, this is my mok sis. I know, I look older than her even we had gap for about 5 years ppffftt

Le selfie of me and sissy nyek aisya. Only her wore different hijab for today because most of us are in cream, but she chose silver instead to match with her pattern on her Eid's outfit. 

Like usual, first things to do on Eid morning after done preparing eid foods and visiting papa's grave, ask forgiveness with the elders. Thank you mama for keeping up with my attitudes throughout this half year. Another half year to go before I settle down with my big day, In shaa ALLAH  eh wait, nope this end of year gonna be my brother's turn then TARAA! My time 

P/S: My sayang  also wore emerald green for today to match with me. Thank you for the lovely hijab's gift too sayang  That tudung really save me from embarrassment because I kinda bought different kind of cream in first place but you came to the rescue during last night before Ramadhan and also brought Samyang hot chicken spicy too to satisfy my craves. I just love it and I really mean it!

Happy Eid Mubarak, people! Tomorrow I'm heading back to Kelantan to visit my grandma or basically we called her Mek. Pray for safe and smooth journey :)

Lots of love,
Miss A :)