July 1, 2016

Raya preparation X 2016

Assalamualaikum, hello lovessssssssss!

   Yeay, finally, Al-Hamdulillah I managed to update at least one exciting entry for today *tears of joy burst out* I've been busy with my internship and also paperwork that need to settle for graduation this upcoming November. Not to mention, another big, big, big beautiful plan coming up this year. Pray everything will run smooth as possible. So, how's fasting month guys? Any good? Any improvement? For me,

   I feel grateful that I've given opportunity to do one of obligation as servant of God, but as normal being, not to mention that I'mma fine and still young woman too, couldn't complete this whole test but it's okay. If it's happens, it's still coming out right, y'know what I'm talking about ;) but I really hope you guys enjoy with fasting month adventure! the terawihs part, Tadarus Al-Quran and stuff, Tawaf one whole Ramadhan Bazaar LOL 

Okay, since Ramadhan almost reach to an end, so be prepare to welcome Syawal! I know, it is less than one week right! Like usual, every year I will definitely buy or show some of my stuffs and publish it on my blog of what I'm doing for Raya. Same goes for Raya 2016. Enough crapping, start photo sesh!

 This year, I opt with fabulous skin care, matte fever, and  Emerald green! But the most important things to do is to handle freaking freshness of my hair. Finally I found the perfect combination for frizzy, end-split hair, and damaged appearance hair care. But before that, since last year I did some henna on my hand, so this year I will dye my hair with henna too! Now both of us can look equally as perfect couple for Raya. Yeay for us, sayang 

     This babies! As you guys, or idk people widely know about the goodness in Argan Oil, so I kinda approve this product as one of best hair product to use for Raya regardless both gender, but preferably for females with hijabs to ensure your carefree mood throughout the day of first Syawal. I've been using this babies for almost one week, the result is mesmerizing! I will review this product. That is the promise. LOL 

   Next, all about weight! I choose to eat healthy but sometimes I didn't focus on track. So, I reduced my intakes of foods by consuming these.

 I bought VSlimme teatox from my dear friends and it taste really good. Even though it did mention about NO Added sugar, I found that this tea is quite sweet with drop of lemon scent. That's makes me wanna drink more. I also drink Coffee Ibuputih during two weeks of fasting month and it's also taste good. I already finish my first box, another 3 boxes to go! 

I love this coffee too! However, since Imma tea lover, yes I admit I love tea and hot chocolate more compared to coffee. So, I'm going to finish my teatox first. I really love that tea, damn it's good! I will review more for that product too. Damn, I have lotsaa pending post to do FML

    I did mention about fresh, clean face for Raya this year, right? I also consume lil bit of Vitamin C but not so much because I drink tea. Tea do have caffeine but somehow low compared to coffee. That's why I set some gap to eat Vitamin C during Sahur and then drink 1-1.5 litres of water for only one week during Vitamin C consumption. During period, I stop because I know my body couldn't absorb those healthy nutrients needed because le body kinda flashing out almost everything ._. 

    Matte have always been my favorite top picks and I could't resist to acquire most of Maybelline latest ROSY Matte by COLOR Sensational. I also have NEON collection. If I have time, *which I WISH TOO!* I will review that product too.  But I'm still torn either to apply matte or lip tint for Raya. Better think and make wise decision, huh! 

 Here some sneak peek of Raya outfit. I always love Japan since I love anime especially YAOI, so I decided to go with Kimono wrap style with lil bit of Orchid flower to complete the look. I still haven't look around for Raya shoes, but let's make sure I do need to buy this sunday when our lil family having iftar together at Hotel KL Hilton as celebration and gathering. Yes, do I forgot to tell that my sis mok passed her job interview at PETRONAS? She may travel oversea too, and I'm so jealous because I stuck in Malaysia. Urghh, congrats mok! You deserve it!

So, how's Raya prep for you guys? 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)