July 2, 2016

Delicious Oiso nom nom nom

Assalamualaikum, Annyeong lovelies!

Move on with next entry, Like I said before, this is all the beauty of pending posts >.< actually, this post is one of my favorite Korean restaurant I've been besides Dubuyo, Sweetree, and Seoul Garden. My friend zaza asked me to accompanied her to eat there during last sem. See, I told you it is a pending post! This restaurant located inside Bangsar South and the place is very calming because not everyone shops here a lot except all the riches and sadly we both kinda not LOL

Heck with that, we come far from UIAM to eat in Oiso!

Since both of us really hungry due to the traffic jam and also we lost track to keep up with the place, we just ordered what we feel looks delish. To be frank, I did take piccas of the restaurant using my HTC One that I love most, however that part of story need another new entry to wait because it does link with Huawei P8lite which it's still pending due to long queue of the posts I wanna publish. 

So, for the Oiso Korean restaurant I really love here because the place is great and the helpers, kitchen staff are very friendly. They also recommended us to ordered beverages that directly shipped from Korea. If I'm not mistaken, mine is aloe vera drink from Jeju Island. Well, kinda like that LOL

Hello lil crush! Zaza feels gorgeous that day, and that's why she pose to look lady like but actually she's not. She's one of my friend that is funniest both heart and attitudes. I ordered spicy beef noodle, whereas she chose chicken BBQ. My dish is really mouth watering and not to mention, it is real HUGE, like big portion ever for one person to eat. Oh, and for the price is around rm15++ can you just imagine that??! OMG 

It does look like home made korea traditional food.When I visited Korea during last spring season, their people really love to serve with at least 3-5 small portion of side dishes mainly kimchi, fried egg, anchovies, stir veges, radish and pickles, and many more. I think that actually represent what Korea is. That's one of their specialty towards healthy lifestyle. 

This view taken from Zaza's place. Her chicken BBQ is really delicious that serve with steamed rice. Both of us really enjoy eating here :)

Le me pose candidly snap by Zaza. Thanks babe for the shot! I really love my food, and I do find that this restaurant is sooo underrated. The restaurant did serves delicious Korean food ever but maybe the location sucks. And that's people, you should totally learn to emphasize your target market when opening a restaurant. 

Thumbs up for the delicious foods and price are very affordable for both of us. You also can flash some of student card to get discount, just like Seoul garden outlet. 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)