July 19, 2016

Korea Makeup haul, like EVER!

Assalamualaikum, hello peeps!

Okay, short entry I should say because right now I'm in middle of internship and yes, now is lunch time! But I know, if I start talking about beautiful babies of makeup, I'm gonma take several hours to explain, to show, to point out pros and cons for each product. But hey, wondering what product that I will do review later? 

Check it out! Okay, I will list some of product available here:

From left to right!

CC cream The face shop, Water cushion moist The face shop, Sweet/soul body perfume Kakao Talk x The face shop, BCD BB cushion Tony Moly, 3 beautiful lip tint I fucking love soo much from Tony Moly! Line X Missha BB cushion, Banila&Co. CC cushion white wedding, Innisfree Cushion and also Missha BB Cushion. Yup, all of them comes with beautiful pacakging and refills. Major LOVE! I will update each products. I just need to find time to update. And yes, the products are majorly bought when I'm visiting Korea last spring. Gahh, can't wait to share with you guys!

Another beauty haul I got from ALTHEA is here!

All the products are majorly sponsored by them and half of it are from me LOL OMG I can't wait to burst all these happiness to your guys especially that FAME matte lipsticks, I got all those 7 shades and I'm not kidding, the coverage, the colors, totally satisfying! I will update this babies as soon as possible. Wait up, peeps!

Oh btw, Happy birthday ALTHEA! I can't believe I cannot update entry about ALTHEA turn 1 because I'm in middle of work. Dayyumm, but I will this weekend. I hope belated birthday can still be consider as Birthday T.T

Till then,
Lots of love,
Miss A :)