July 30, 2016

Open house 2016 x MarRedz Couture

Hello, Assalamualaikum dolls!

Al-Hamdulillah, today our humble abode just finish with an amazing eid open house for this year and I gotta say, it's really good because all my aunties from Kedah came and some of my friends also came to celebrate! LOL but this year, I'm really excited, because I finally got to introduce my sayang  to my family and turn out, everything went very well. In shaa ALLAH, next step gonna be huge, but it's okay. No pressure for my sayang , though. But today, today his house also helding open house too! Totally coincidence or copy much? -.-

However, what I'm really excited about is because I managed to grab new outfit for Raya. Come on, I believe most of us, especially girls they must at least have 2-3 new outfits every time you visits your friends eid open house or maybe you're the one held the event or also known as tuan tanah LOL So, cut story short. This year I wear MarRedz Couture!

This is one of the simple yet chic looking eid outfit I bought because the material is the bomb. It's not really tight-fitting and it gives real pleasure wearing this piece. Plus, I also got lots of compliments how skinny I am wearing this even though I'm not SMH

Le me with one of my princess member. See, told ya it makes me look skinny with great angle from my talented photographer, my sissy nyek Aisya LOL

I also received tonnes of positive words from my aunties, cousins and friends about my look for today. They wonder what kind of foundation that I used and stuff. For me, I believe if you taking care with love and beauty products, your skin definitely looks pretty even though you're wearing very minimal makeup. Or maybe, I'm really happy with my life now that my face reflects my inner thought. Or maybe just a great makeup application ._. But, don't forget to stay tuned to know what current skincare that I've been using for about 2 months in next entry. In shaa ALLAH.

Beautiful gemstones. Love you guys and as you can you see, I do look stunning wearing Ratu Batik Kurong Raya Edition. I love it. Worth every penny, though. Oh, the price is really affordable and I think even a student still afford to buy it. 

Representative from IIUM. Thanks girl for coming today. Yeay!

If you wanna grab this limited edition, MarRedz Couture have Open House sale on their FB and also their Instagram. I grab this baby with price of RM120 instead of RM220. The sale end tomorrow! So guys, if you wanna add some of new outfit for wedding occasion, engagement, doa selamat event and stuff, you can wear this classy piece and you're good to go! Buy now before the sales end!


P/S: this is not a sponsored post. I happen to love this baju a lot. So, I'm not kissing anybody ass here.

Lots of love,
Miss A :)