July 15, 2016

Product review: Charcoal B&Soap Althea Korea!

Assalamualaikum hello earthlings!

So, it's been almost 1 week I update my blog and you guys see any different? LOL Yes, I'm talking about my blog header. and also my background. Currently, I'm in the middle of doing new project by using my other side of artistic skill into reality but I'm not sure whether it's gonna be okay or not. It is still in progression mode and I don't wanna screw up with everything, so yeah.

Since some of my readers (I wish I have my loyal one T.T) know I'mma beauty freak, so I tends to buy lotsaa makeup and skincare haul from any brand but of course, must be under KKM regulation. I don't wanna simply ruin my face by using harm and hazardous products, so I kinda opt with new skincare from Korea because I believe Korea has been nominated as number 1 expert that have beautiful, porcelain doll face when it comes to beauty. 

Le selfie of myself before I'm going out with my sayang  two months ago. During this time, I use this one amazing charcoal soap from B&Soap that I bought from ALTHEA. What is ALTHEA? ALTHEA is actually one of major beauty website that consist all of product and beauty range from head to toe shipped directly from South Korea! So, if you guys a K-Pop addict that yearn for perfect, acne-free and whatsoever V-face inspires looks from Korean actresses and singers, ALTHEA is perfect for ya!

   I love how adorable this product came with pink beauty box. It's show how girlish and safe this packaging arrived from Korea to Malaysia. Basically it took almost 10 days of working and I don't mind waiting for the product because I know, all waiting gonna be pays off when I'm using this product that I aimed for, idk 2 weeks every time I browse ALTHEA website!

   So, as you guys can see here, I bought B&Soap Black Block set CLICK HERE 

   The reason why I chose this because after my Tabita's skincare phase, I stop using Tabita because mainly the cost is expensive, and I couldn't afford to buy anymore. And then, I try ridiculously tonnes of product that cheap and effective, which is really difficult to find! I used to had oily to combination skin before, but after time goes by, my face turn out being combination and dry until now, and even worst, sometimes dry to very dry skin type. When I bought this Charcoal soap B&Soap, my face is still in Tabita's mode.

   I bought 2 black block set of charcoal and also brush to complement the usage of 2 times every day. I love bubble brush, it's really soft and amazing! It's use 100% extra fine wool and not harm to your skin. 

   It's really soft and doesn't irritates my skin. The black charcoal soap have four main ingredients which are olives oil, rosemary extract, charcoal (obviously) and Phyntocide. 

my honest review:

   I'm dying to try this product because I also aim for the other cleansing masks that falls under this brand too, but this one is merely a soap, so it's cheap. A week after using this product, my face is okay and I feel lil bit of radiant,  but after that my face started to peel and react. Not in a good reaction, though. My face became extremely dry and flaky, redness popped out especially on my cheeks and also on lips area, I think up until now my face still have this kind of reaction even I already change into new skincare product after a while I stop using charcoal soap. I feel kinda sad because I expect the product will turn up good for my skin but I know, everyone got different kind of skin type so..... yeahh...

The other remaining soap I use for body wash. It's really good but I don't see much different. 

   I probably not gonna re-purchase this product, but for the makeup? sure I will! I love all Korean makeup, it's really amazing! I think my face is more suitable with the makeup rather than their skincare. Well, I think because I have this typical, white, pale sensitive malay-ish skin. LOL

P/S: I will update the latest product I've been using now. I love this one, and I think you guys aware with this local brand that starts from T. Stay tuned!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)